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Tiles come in all shapes and sizes and in recent years we have seen an increase in the availability of large format and natural stone tiles in the UK markwt. Aesthetics are probably one of the most important considerations when choosing a tile for your home but hopefully the following top-line details will be of help when making your choice. Substrate (floor & wall) preparation is very important and can also influence your choice of tile. Plastered walls have a limit of 20kg weight allowance per square metre while floors need to be rigid and load bearing. I am happy to advise on any preparation works required and indeed undertake these works where appropriate. I would also encourage you to consult your retailer or indeed myself should you have any queries.

Glazed Ceramic Tiles - Extremely popular due to the wide variety of shapes, colours & sizes plus the low ongoing maintenance.

Granite – One of the most durable stones on the market, but do be careful when sourcing as not all granite is true granite. Cheaper granites often turn out to be basalt, and not only are you not getting what you paid for, but basalt is acid sensitive and susceptible to staining.

Limestone, Travertine & Sandstone - available in a wide variety of warm & beautiful shades. A very popular choice, you should be aware that these stones are acid sensitive and will almost certainly benefit from sealing.

Marble – Offering an elegant look, marble can be sourced in a wide variety of shades and colours. Again it is acid sensitive and can benefit from sealing & polishing. Polished marble is also susceptible to scratching.

Porcelain – The Ultimate Ceramic, increasingly popular due to their hard wearing durability. Quality Porcelain (generally sourced from Italy & Spain) rarely requires sealing as their fully vitrified status means that they have a high level of stain resistance. That said, I would always test prior to installation. Polished porcelain and lower grade porcelains require extra attention as they often need sealing.

Slate – Offering a rustic look in a wide variety of shades and colours, slate can really enhance the look of your home. Again, it can benefit from sealing so will require ongoing maintenance.

Terracotta a traditional, authentic flooring product that can offer warmth, charm and character to your home. Hand-made terracotta tiles are formed by pressing raw clay into moulds and this produces a durable but low density tile. Again, they benefit from sealing and the finish can be enhanced with a suitable polishing product.